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RIL Jio Launch
Saturday 26th December 2015
It is expected that RIL Jio will launch there services very soon.
RCOM - Aircel merger
Saturday 26th December 2015
RCOM & Aircel is going to merge & become a one of the top player of Indian telecom Market

Telecom Research & Development Association is a platform for all Indian Telecom Professionals at various stages of their career to come together to make INDIA the Global Leader in all aspects of Telecom & Technology.

This will be a forum to share Ideas, discuss and device effective methods to overcome hurdles in all stages of our Professional and Personal life. We Intend to bring all Telecom Professionals in to the Fold of an effort to come together on a common Platform Representing a Group of Highly Talented, Ethically Upfront and Professionally Straight forward group who would Live together to represent and Uphold the rights and demands of Telecom Engineers.

This is an effort to form an Organization for the overall benefit of Telecom Engineers in an ever growing Telecom Industry of this country This is an opportunity to serve your nation in its growth to Development and Success.

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CS64 Video Telephony with 64kbps dedicated channel
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FDD Frequency Division Duplexing is mainly used for UMTS. Hence, for uplink and
downlink, we have different frequency bands.
UL Uplink (mo...
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